NFLPA Bowl day 1 practice recap

The weather was perfect today for the 2015 NFLPA Bowl practice here in sunny southern California. The Players did have to deal with some shadows in the stadium during the early morning and late afternoon portion of the practice. The field held up very nicely and I didn’t notice anyone having issues with their footing. The grass is very short on the field so it is a “fast track” for the skill players and it showed.

By: Cody Tewmey
-In the morning the big winner was Brandon Bridge. He connected on quite a few deep balls in the individual drills, putting them right in front of the receivers facemask. This is what I expected from him and he did not disappoint. He has an absolute howitzer for an arm that you really have to see in person to appreciate. The speed that he gets the ball to the receivers is amazing. He needs to develop some touch on his passes to make it in the NFL, a few balls bounced off receivers hands because they were thrown too hard. He does hold the ball a little bit long sometimes and misses his first open read, although in the full team game this did allow him a big scrambling run. He will be a load to take down for NFL defenses when he is in the open field.
-The worst day of all, not just quarterbacks, goes to Andrew Hendrix. He looked lost, missed wide open receivers, threw into traffic, threw balls well over receivers out of bounds, and fumbled the snap multiple times. It came to the point were you began to feel bad for the kid out there. I am not sure if it was nerves or just a bad day, but this was one to forget for Hendrix. At the end of practice he fumbled the snap, again, in the team practice and the coaches followed that by 3 running plays and his day was done. Hopefully, he can rebound on day 2.
-Jameill Showers made some good reads and made some good throws but did not do anything spectacular today. He seems to be a pretty cerebral player, that will be held back in the NFL by his physical tools if anything.
Running Backs
-The best day goes to Malcolm Agnew, he broke free multiple times for some long runs. He showed a good blend of wiggle and speed that translates well to being a “scat” back at the next level. He made quick decisions in the holes, but was patient to let things develop as well. The defenders really had trouble finding him behind the line of scrimmage due to his small size and low pad level when running. No one had a overly bad day for the rest of the running back group, but no one else really stood out.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
-No real stand outs amongst this group. They all played pretty well and consistently beat the guys across from them. Many of there catches were uncontested or deep balls. There were not many drops. If I had to pick one guy that looked the best it would be Chris Conley, with his speed he beat the corners deep multiple times. The best catch of the individual drills goes to Dawan Scott from Miami with a great catch on a deep bomb from Bridge early in the drill. Demarco Robinson was in John Kitna’s dog house because lined up incorrectly and then Kitna rode him pretty hard for a good bit.
-Cameron Clear looks the part of an NFL tight end and he had a good practice with some good catches over the middle.
Defensive linemen
The biggest name in this group is Lean Orr, no doubt about it. He had a pretty good day and look very good in the individual drills. The most important thing I noticed with him is how he was paying attention when he wasn’t involved in the drill. When the coaches got on the group he took the criticism well, or at least he didn’t show lack of effort afterwards. I spend most of the time watching Orr and Marcus Rush. Neither of them got great pass rush, but they both made some smart plays. Orr got his hands up and batted down a pass from Bridge. Rush stayed at home on a fake sweep reverse and made the stop at the line of scrimmage. Quayshawne Buckley showed that he belonged with the big boys getting his hands on and stopping the running backs multiple times up the middle.
-The main reason that the defense looked so good in the afternoon was that none of the quarterbacks looked exceptional. Jerry Lovelocke takes the cake for the worst performer of the day. He missed reads, threw an awful interception, fumbled a snap exchange, and his throws were off target. Rakeem Cato had a few good scrambles in the full team practice but not much to be excited about in the passing game. Cole Stoudt probably had the most consistant day of the group, but again it was not a banner day for anyone. Many of the passes for all three were defended by DB, thrown off target, or were dump off passes after the ball was held to long.
Running Backs
I pleasant surprise from the running back group was Paul Lasike he had a few good runs and showed some good wiggle for a bigger guy. He was also a recipiant of some of the check down passes and showed some pretty good hands. The running back that struggled the most was Joe Bergeron who didn’t maintain balance as he turned the corner and stumbled over his own feet a couple times.
Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
The wide receivers didn’t show much in the afternoon because of the struggles of the quarterbacks. I will keep a closer eye on the receivers tomorrow to see who is the best of this group. Brian Volger had a few good catches and was a bright spot for the offense today. He is a lean guy as far as a body type for a tight end so I think teams will want him to add a little size at the next level. Mario Alford went against Troy Hill most of the day and the QBs avoided that side of the field.
Offensive Line
The biggest guy in this group is Jarvis Harrison, he looks every bit of the 330lbs they have him listed and I be willing to bet he is more then that. He played well and really held the point of attack in the one on one drills and nearly threw a DL into the goal post when he tried to speed rush past him. In the team drill he did have a false start but won consistently vs. Botticelli.
-Sean Donnelly also had a great one on one session, he showcased some good footwork and bend. The two guys that helped themselves the most off the field were Takoby Cofield and Jarvis Harrison they were two of the last people off the field after interviewing with scouts & media members.

Defensive Line
The defensive line in the afternoon was the best unit all day. Ethan Farmer had the best day of the group he showed a great initial burst and variety of moves to get past the OL group. He had a string in one on one drills were he won three straight meeting with three different drills.
-Cameron Botticelli has a really high motor and was high energy all day. I was infective and others definitely stepped up and did the same. He will have to work on his moves to succeed in the NFL, he relies a lot on the speed rush.
-Zach Wagenmann also flashed some good plays, but looked to be out powered by the offensive linemen at times. Brock Hekking really flashed great initial burst and I think will make a good tweener OLB/DE on the next level. I spoke with him after practice and he admitted he will have to learn the nuances of coverage’s since he has not done that a lot.

Defensive Backs
The two guys of note in this group were Troy Hill and Terell Floyd. They both had good days and were the main reason that the quarterbacks were struggling. Terell had a good interception when read the route and broke on the pass for what would have been a pick 6 in a game. Troy Hill had an exceptional day considering that he played in the national championship game less then 48 hours ago. He defended multiple passes early on and then the quarterbacks avoided him most of the rest of the day.


NFLPA Bowl Day 2 practice recap

The weather was perfect again today, and the field was in great shape. The players still had some shadows to deal with but overall it was a perfect setting to play


-From worst to first, Andrew Hendrix really had a good day today and the best day of the morning group. He hit some really good fade routes and was much more decisive in his decision making. Andrew did bobble one of the center quarterback exchanges, but I’ll give him a pass since he is working with a new center.

-Brandon Bridge showed the crowd why he is a project at the next level. He would make a great pass followed by one off target. He made a great pass over the middle to Cameron and then threw a pick on the next play. All the physical gifts make him an intriguing prospect, but he is still a project and likely won’t hear his name until middle or late day 3. Jameill Showers again had a solid day hitting some nice passes, but his read and accuracy were off.

Running Backs
Again the clear cut best back was Malcolm Agnew, if he can overcome his small stature he might be able to carve out a role on an NFL team. He has a great burst, shows good acceleration, and has good balance. The other two running backs that had some good plays were Ricky Seale and Jahwan Edwards.

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends
-What a day for Chris Conley; he was like a 7/11 today, always open and feeding us good stuff. He had multiple deep routes where took the top off and made nice over the shoulder catches. In the red zone drill he made a great shoestring catch from Hendrix in the corner of the end zone keeping both feet in bounds.

-The next best receiver was Nick Harwell; he made lots of plays today including a few nice TD catches. He looks like a guy that can find a place playing in the slot on the next level. He has average hands but he was catching the ball in his hands and not letting it get to his pads. He ran a great fade route and caught a TD in the red zone 11s drill, and got both feet in bounds.

-The best Tight End again was Cameron Clear with quite a few catches in traffic. The one play for him that scares me is a ball was thrown high by Bridge (during the red zone 11s) and he gator armed it when he hear d the safety closing in. I know it’s just one play but in the NFL as a tight end you have to be willing to take a shot or two even if your QB hangs you out to dry. Devin Mahina had a nice TD catch in the 11 on 11s as well.

Defensive Line
-In the morning session the guy who had the most “splash” plays was Marcus Rush. He really was using his intelligence and football IQ to beat guys on the edge. There was one sequence where he set up the OT with a speed rush to the outside, then on the next play started the same way then planted his foot and spun back inside. He had a wide open shot at the QB, had that been a game situation he would have had a blind side sack.

-Lean Orr had a couple of good splits of the A gap; his initial burst is really nice. Quayshawne Buckley continues to show he can hold up against the higher quality completion; he had multiple good stops up the middle and he had a pass breakup today. One of the things that really impressed me with Buckley is that as soon as he comes off the field he posts himself right next to the coach and is asking questions. He is making the most of the opportunity of having great coaches at his disposal.

-A guy I don’t remember seeing much from in day one, maybe I just missed it, but that was DeShawn William from Clemson, he had an excellent practice. That definitely changed on day two. He was getting off the ball very quickly and pushing the pocket from the middle. He was using a nice swim move to get past the center and guards.

-LaDarius Owens made a great play in 11s when he didn’t bite and chase the run fake away from him and when the QB went to bootleg his way he was right there. Since it was two hand touch the QB was able to buy some time and throw it away, but in a game that would have been a sack lunch for sure.

In the morning session they were in shorts and pads so it’s a little hard to say which linebackers really did well. They were all playing two hand touch and a lot of a linebacker’s skill has to be there tackling ability. The two players that I kept noticing around the ball the most were Zaire Anderson and D.J. Welter. They both were in the backfield multiple times early on a play and would have made a tackle for a loss. Now, I also take that with a grain of salt because the offensive linemen can’t block the same as full pads. Zaire also made a nice interception in traffic off of Brandon Bridge.

-No one in the secondary was consistently shutting down their receiving counterpart. The offense won the battle of skill players all morning long. Al-Hajj Shabazz had a good pass breakup in 11s where he read the QBs eyes and jumped the route to break up the play.

-Chris Dunkley also had a decent day with a pass breakup as well. They had multiple calls on them for interference and there were plenty more that weren’t called. I am interested to see if it is that the wide receivers are better for the National team or if this secondary is weaker. Saturday will tell me a lot about this group.


-Thursday was another unflattering day for the quarterbacks. Cole Stoudt probably had the best day with some good throws to Mario Alford in the individual drills. Cato had some nice passes but he still holds the ball too long and wants to scramble too much.

-Jerry Lovelocke looks like he is out of place, he fumbled a few snaps, his throws were off target, and the offense is stagnant when he is the QB.

Running Backs
-Paul Lasike had another nice day with some good receptions out of the backfield and some nice gains on the ground.

-The show today was stolen by Prince-Tyson Gulley he had an amazing practice. In the 11s he broke off two big gains and was setting up his blocks all day long. He looked like an NFL back on Thursday there was no question about it. He reminded me of an Ahmad Bradshaw type of player, he was catching the ball and running elusively with power and burst.

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends
-The struggles under center continued to hamper the receivers in the afternoon of day two. This time there were a few bright spots to mention though. Mario Alford really is a guy that I think will play on the next level. They had him running some kick returns and he is so fast it’s unreal. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him crack 4.4 on his 40 time. His big knock is his questionable hands, but I haven’t seen anything so far that would have me worried. I cannot recall any balls that he dropped that were catchable.

Kaelin Clay made a nice over the shoulder catch as well. He was the next best receiver besides Alford. Anthony Johnson looks the part; he’s big, long arms, and is fast for his size. The problem is his routes are sloppy and need polishing; he’s had a few drops, and really hasn’t made any terrific plays. I really wish that we would have got to see this receiver group with the other quarterbacks for a little while to see what they can do.

-Brian Volger again had a nice day for the tight ends and has be the most consistent pass catcher from that group.

Offensive Linemen
-The small school guy that I really liked today was Antoine Everett. He played tackle in college but they moved him to guard and that looks to be the future position for him. He has really powerful hands and he won over and over in the individual drills. He had a two play sequence against Hudson were he pancaked him and then stonewalled him on back to back plays.

-Jarvis Harrison had another quality day and was stifling his competition all day long. He beat Botticelli on back to back plays in individual drills as well; he basically stopped him right in his tracks both times.

Defensive Line
-Ethan Farmer had another solid day and he looks like he will be able to play DT or DE on depending on the team he goes to and their scheme. He has a great burst and strength and uses a good variety of moves to get by the offense.

-Cameron Botticelli has a great motor but he seems to rely on the speed rush up the middle too often. He will need to work on adding moves to be effective at the next level. Brock Hekking, Andrew Hudson, and Zack Wagenmann all had some positive plays, but none of them were able to do it consistently.

-The two linebackers that showed the most promise in the afternoon were Damien Wilson and J.R. Tavai. They were both flying around the ball a lot and Tavai had a great pass break up (he was yelled at for making too much contact, but I liked it) he went right for the ball and knocked the receiver in the process.

-The best in the secondary seems to be Troy Hill. Terell Floyd had another good day but Hill is the best NFL prospect from the corners. He is being avoided by the QBs and when they come his way he makes them pay. He broke up more than one pass and he plays press coverage well. He has great speed so when he is in press and can look at the QB he can really be a menace.


NFL Mock Draft

R1 Pick 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marcus Mariota-QB Oregon
The Bucs have a legit option at WR and now need someone to get Mike Evans the ball. Josh McCown is not the answer and we saw what Evans can do in the scramble drill at A & M. With Mariota’s ability to extend plays when he has to, Evans could flourish next year.  When your picking number one in the draft you have to take a QB if there is one that COULD be a franchise changer like Mariota.

R1 Pick 2 Tennessee Titans
Leonard Williams-DE/DT USC
This is a tricky spot here, I think Winston could be the pick but I’m not sure that the Titans are ready to give up on Mettenburger and he might stay in school. If one the two QB prospects don’t sell themselves as the answer they will go with a pass rusher. Williams is my top DE/DT and can play the run as well as the pass. He is also a tough gritty player who has shown he can play through pain and injuries. He translates well to a 4-3 DE and can slide into the middle for 4-3 teams with their speed packages.

R1 Pick 3 Jacksonville Jaguars
Randy Gregory-DE Nebraska
The Jags could maybe go with a guy like Cooper here to get a stud for Bortles, but it’s a little early and any of the OTs.  The Jags will continue to build on the defense and take an edge rusher that can get after the QB. In a division that only has one franchise QB, getting pressure can win you games. Gregory is the perfect fit for Gus Bradley’s defense as the LEO* position.
*LEO position splits speed rusher at the 5 or 7 technique, need speedy player for this i.e. Gregory, Mingo, Dion Jordan types

R1 Pick 4 Oakland Raiders
Amari Cooper-WR Alabama
The Raiders need help with interior pass rush badly, but they can’t take one this high it would be foolish from a value standpoint. David Carr has looked good this year, so getting him a weapon is their next biggest need. Amari Cooper is a stud, and a near can’t miss prospect from the WR position. They can address the pass rush with their next pick, this class is deep.

R1 Pick 5 Washington Redskins
Brandon Scherff-OT Iowa
The Redskins could go with Winston here if Jay Gruden gets his way, but I think RG3 will get one more year. They gave up so much to get him they almost have too. They need to protect RG3 to really see what he can do, Scherff is good in the run and passing game and can play Guard right now if they need him too.  He steamrolls people in the Run game and is an above average pass protector.  That’s what the Redskins need, give the ball to Alfred Morris and let RG3 benefit from some play-action passes.

R1 Pick 6 New York Jets
Jameis Winston-QB FSU
Geno Smith is not the answer at QB and if Marrone left Buffalo because they didn’t have a QB, he’s going to want one (I think he lands the coachig gig here). If one of the two top QBs is staring him in the face at 5 he’ll run to the podium.
Jameis no doubt can play the position on the field and has the killer instinct. Can he handle the distractions off the field of the NFL? That’s the real question, his INTs have been way up this year but I see that as him pressing. Winston to the big apple, there will be fireworks one way or another.  He has all the tools to be an NFL QB, but is he willing to put in the work to become great? That’s where the real questions lie, windows get smaller in the NFL so your reads have to be second nature and instinct.

R1 Pick 7 Chicago Bears
Shane Ray-DE/OLB Missouri
The Bears defense has more holes in it then your grandma’s pin cushion. They will take the BPA on defense for sure this year again. Ray can get after the passer and in a division with Rodgers, Stafford, and now Teddy B they will need to do that to win. He’s an ideal fit for a 4-3 DE and edge rusher.  He has violent hands and attempts to play the run. He is a special prospect, but he has some boom or bust potential.

R1 Pick 8 Atlanta Falcons
Vic Beasley-DE Clemson
The Atlanta pass rush is so bad they need all the help they can get. They couldn’t get to the QB at all this year, Beasley will help with that.
Beasley will need to add some weight to help in the run game he’s not that strong at the point of attack (POA). He can use his speed and be an edge rusher for them and as he adds weight he can turn into a 3 down player. His first step is great so he can turn the corner on the best of OT. He can play OLB or DE for the Falcons.

R1 Pick 9 New York Giants
La’el Collins-OT LSU
When Eli has time to throw he has shown he can win a Super Bowl. When he doesn’t have time he leads the league in INTs. The Giants need to go back to winning in the trenches.
Collins is my top run blocking prospect; he is a road grater. He has gotten much better in the passing game this year and could end up the best OT that comes out of this class. He can slide in to a Guard spot if Beatty and Pugh hold the tackle spots. Pugh has struggled at RT so whoever wins that spot the other can ply Guard until Beatty moves on. La’el Collins will need to work on staying back on his feet a bit, he can get on his toes and overextend at times.

R1 Pick 10 St. Louis Rams
Ronnie Stanley-OT Notre Dame
How many times did Rams QBs get hurt this year, for that matter how many injuries has Bradford had in his career? The Rams need to get better up front for whoever is the QB next year.  With both of the potential franchise QBs off the board they go with someone to protect the QB.
Stanley will shoot up board this year much like Zack Martin did last year. He is a smart player who uses his hands well to pass protect and is versatile to play multiple spots.

R1 Pick 11 Minnesota Vikings
Shaq Thompson-OLB Washington
If I know Mike Zimmer I know he’s going to follow the same strategy that they used with the Bengals to build that roster. Take BPA every time no matter what. My feeling is that he goes with Thomson because of that.
Thompson is a true 3 down LB that can cover, blitz and is a sure tackler. Zimmer will get the most out of him as well.

R1 Pick 12 Cleveland Browns
Devante Parker-WR Louisville
The Browns need a WR badly and after seeing how Josh Gordon has become friends with JFF who knows if he will be back next year either.
Parker is a special talent and has just begun his assent. He has good hands and great size and is one of the best at the stutter step toe drag. It’s a deceptive move that causes many missed tackles over the middle.  He also has great waste bend to allow him to locate the ball easily on downfield route, improving his catch radius.  Below is an example of the toe drag, notice the black pieces of turf that fly up.

R1 Pick 13 New Orleans Saints
Trae Waynes-CB Michigan State
The Saints will likely make their first three picks on the defensive side of the field. They need pass rushers, but that group is deep, so they may wait for later value. They also need CBs badly, especially ones that can tackle and play the run. Waynes can do that and would be an instant starter for them. He’s very similar to Darquese Dennard that came out last year but he’s better at staying in the hip pocket “in phase” defending and less handsy/grabby. He will be a solid starter and will bring some toughness to that squad.

R1 Pick 14 Miami Dolphins
Kevin White-WR West Virginia
The Dolphins need to add some help and a red zone option for Tannehill. Mike Wallace has been a disappointment and quit on the team, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is cut.
Kevin White isn’t fastest guy in the world, but he is definitely fast enough to get behind defenders and let Tannehill sling it deep. He is a great red zone option and win a lot of 50/50 balls with his good combination of size and leaping ability.

R1 Pick 15 San Fransisco 49ers
Marcus Peters-CB Washington
The niners were an incredible disappointment this year, they need major help in the secondary and to replace some of the aging defensive front. Peters is the best CB in the class from a talent perspective, but his issues with the Washington coaching staff will have him slide a bit. There are lots of rumors on what did and did not happen and I’m sure teams will dig around and make their judgement. The niners are not too big on character concerns as you can see with their recent issues, so I think this could be a landing spot.

R1 Pick 16 Houston Texans
Landon Collins-S Alabama
The Texans could go CB or WR here but the best value is at Safety. They have Daniel Manning at safety and DJ Swearinger is cheap shot away from missing time every season.
Collins is good in coverage for a strong safety, that really will help them in the running game too. If his shoulder checks out and he doesn’t have major damage after the game vs OSU he’s a great value here. Teams will reall have trouble with this Houston defense with there strong pass rush and Collins protecting the middle.

R1 Pick 17 San Diego Chargers
TJ Clemmings-OT Pittsburgh
The Chargers really need help on he offensive line it’s the worst position group on the team according to PFF rankings. Both of their guards are horrid and they could use a Tackle as well. Good thing for them is that Clemmings can play both of those positions. He’s versatile and is great in the run game. The Chargers second round pick should be for a RB and they will need someone to pave the way for that back. With Clemmings clearing the way for a new running back this team will be much improved next year.

R1 Pick 18 Kansas City Chiefs
Erik Kendriks-ILB UCLA
The Chiefs can use some help in the middle of their defense. The need someone to help cover the middle with teams like San Diego and Denver that spread them out. Hendricks is not your conventual size for an ILB, but his speed, blitzing ability, tackling, and coverage ability will make him a force in the middle. If you want to see him fly all over the field watch his game vs. Virginia and your see why he will be a hug pick. There is not a WR that is a good value here so they will take the best ILB fit for them in the draft. McKinney is a great player but they need Kendricks speed to handle teams like Denver and San Diego.

R1 Pick 19 Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo)
Alvin “Bud” Dupree-DE/OLB Kentucky
The Browns couldn’t stop anyone on the ground this year and Mingo has been very inconsistent. Bud is the perfect fit for a 3-4 DE and will be able to play OLB too. He is going to crush the combine and race up boards as the draft approaches. I can see him creeping into the top 15. He’s very athletic and that will make him the perfect tweener in the NFL for a 3-4 team.

R1 Pick 20 Philadelphia Eagles
Ronald Darby-CB Florida State
The Eagles need help at secondary badly (see Brandon Fletcher vs Dez Bryant this year). The Eagles will see Dez and now OBJ twice a year now, they need someone to slow them down. Darby has had a really good year and is a physical corner that can play against bigger WR with his strength.

R1 Pick 21 Cincinnati Bengals
Dante Fowler Jr.-DE Florida
The Bengals have had zero pass rush this year and need to improve that area badly. Fowler is a stellar Edge rusher that fits the Bengals 4-3 system perfectly. He will come in and start opposite fellow Gator day 1 and begin to make the Bengals pass rush formidable again.  He will have to work on his play vs the Run but he can come in an be a pass rushing DE and also plat SLB.

R1 Pick 22 Pittsburgh Steelers
Alex Carter-CB Stanford
The Steelers need to add some youth to that secondary with guys like Ike Taylor aging and declining. Carter doesn’t have elite speed but the AFC North is more about how well you can play the run and hold your own at the LOS where he should be fine. None of the AFC North teams real spread it out use tons of speed so he will slide right in to the slot or outside for the Steelers.

R1 Pick 23 Detroit Lions
Malcolm Brown-DT Texas
The Lions won’t even try to retain Nick Fairley and Suh is also a free agent. That vaunted front 7 could have a huge hole up the middle and will need to fill it. Brown is a massive man that can not only get after the passer he can stop the run at 320lbs.  He will not be Suh right away but he definitely has big upside.  He was productive with only average players around him on the defensive line.

R1 Pick 24 Arizona Cardinals
Can Erving-OT/C Florida State
The Cardinals need to give Palmer as much time as possible until they find a long term answer. They also need an edge rusher but no value here and it’s a deep class so they can wait.  Cam was once regarded as one of the top OT prospect coming into this season.  His footwork is subpar so FSU moved him inside and it was a great move for him.  He is a powerful run blocker, he can push the pocket forward, and his footwork is not as crucial “in a phone booth.”  Since he is so versatile, the Cardinals could move him around if injuries strike, or as other players age and his footwork improves.

R1 Pick 25 Carolina Panthers
Ereck Flowers-OT Miami
The Pantheer are much better when they are able to run the ball. This allows Cam to use his big arm in the play action passing game.  Their running back situation is a mess, but lucky for them this class is loaded.  I see them taking a running back in round two like many other teams.  They also need an edge rusher, but there was not really good value here and it’s a deep class so they can wait.  Flowers is a big strong prospect that is elite in the run game now and will continue to improve in the passing game. He has experience at not LT and RT

R1 Pick 26 Baltimore Ravens
Jalen Collins-CB LSU
The Ravens have a major need at CB because Webb has not been able to stay healthy at all. The need someone reliable opposite Jimmy Smith. After how well all the LSU rookies did this year don’t be surprised if players get a boost this year. He is strong and physical so he will fit right in, in the AFC North.

R1 Pick 27 Indianapolis Colts
Eddie Goldman-DT Florida State
The Colts need to get some additional pass rush but there’s no value at that position right now due to the early run. Goldman can help with some interior pass rush and defend the run. Devin Funchess could be an option here but they have two good TEs and he is TE/WR hybrid so might not be what they want.  Goldman will have to work on his consistency at the NFL level because it looks as he can take plays off.  When he is playing well he is a force right in the QBs face.

R1 Pick 28 Dallas Cowboys
Eli Harold-DE/OLB Virginia
The Cowboys defense was surprisingly good this season but they still need to get some help on the edge. Harold is a great pass rusher that will need to work on his ability to get off blocks to help in the run game. For now he can be a strict pass rusher for the Cowboys.  He is very fast and turns the corner with the best of them.  He has a great swim move and waste bend to get under the pads of OT and through them.

R1 Pick 29 Green Bay Packers
Danny Shelton-NT Washington
Ok here’s two picks that they could make and it depends on if BJ Raji leaves. If he does I think this is the pick, since I think he leaves that’s why Shelton. If BJ stays I think they go with a bigger guy like Jordan Phillips to beef up the line. They may also consider an ILB here in Perryman or McKinney.
Shelton is a disruptive guy that’s a great fit for a 3-4 NT that can stuff the run and collapse the pocket.

R1 Pick 30 Denver Broncos
Devin Funchess-WR/TE Michigan
The Broncos have some big weapons that will be FA this offseason. I don’t think they will be able to keep both Demaryous and Julius, so how do you fix that…draft a guy like Funchess and get their replacement. Manning only has a few years left so they have to keep going all in for him with weapons.  Funchess has never had a good QB during his college career so he has some big upside with Manning.  Guarding Denver in the Red Zone will be very difficult with the likes of Thomas, Laitmer, and Funchess.

R1 Pick 31 New England Patriots
Jalen Strong-WR Arizona State
Tom Brady needs some options to throw too besides Gronk. The perfect option is a big physical receiver like Strong. Tom doesn’t have the cannon he used to but he can still get it down the field. The combo of Strong, Gronk, and Wright would be a nightmare in the red zone.  Edelman and Lafell have been ok this year, but having someone to force teams to not double team Gronk will only make him more deadly and protect him from some hits.

R1 Pick 32 Seattle Seahawks
Todd Gurley-RB Georgia
Lynch will be in the last year of his deal and approaching the edge of the cliff soon. They will have the luxury of being able to red shirt Gurley most of the season and use him just for KR to fill the hole Harvin left. Then hand him the keys at the end of the year, or in 2016 depending on Lynch’s performance and attitude.  Gurley has the ideal build for an every down NFL back, he has power, speed, patience, and he hits the hole hard.  Once he’s fully recovered from his ACL injury he will be a real threat.

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Packers: Justin Musqueda 
Jaguars: Blake Grittles 
Titans: Paul Kuharsky 
Bears: Tyler Gross 
Chiefs: Sully 
Jets: Jeff LJ Lloyd 
Raiders: David 
Tampa Bay: Luke Easterling 
Cowboys: John Owning 
Vikings: Arif Hasan 
Steelers: Curt Popejoy 
Dolphins: Ian Wharton 
Cardinals: Shaun Church 

Week 15 picks ATS

Week 15 picks ATS

Raiders @ Chiefs

I cannot believe this line is so massive. I know that things in SF are in shambles, but that team still has talent. Didn’t the raiders just beat them? The Raiders are starting to turn the corner. It pains me to say it but I’m sure another franchise will step up and match their futility, so we have someone to laugh at each week. I like double digit lines, especially with a team that has looked better vs a team that has struggled to put up points…cough….cough Alex Smith, hope you are enjoying that fat contract. Not to mention the raiders are 19-6 as dogs in the division in their last 25 games.

Cody Says: RAIDERS (+10)

Cowboys @ Eagles

If you were with us for the Turkey day games this stat netted you a winner, and it will do it again. The underdog in the Dallas vs Philly series has covered an impressive 74% now. Do I need to go on? You should be ready to throw down a bet already. If you can hit 74% of the time you would have a Mansion on the beach somewhere telling your butler to get you a drink. Not to mention the Cowboys are killing it on the road this year. They were on short rest and Romo’s back was ailing on thanksgiving. He has had 10 days rest this time. I’m convinced the Cowboys are going to let Murray walk at the end of the season that’s why they are ok running him into the ground. Run+play action=big night for Dez.

Cody Says: COWBOYS +3.5

Texans @ Colts

Luck played bad against the Browns their is no way else to put it. The Texans can be hurt threw the air if they can give Luck enough time. With Reggie Wayne going down its addition by subtraction, Donte Moncrief is a much more explosive player right now. Luck and the Colts in division games, you got that right 11 straight covers. Look for luck to come out and play like a monster and the Colts to clinch the division in big way.

Cody Says: COLTS (-6.5)

Steelers @ Falcons
This game would look like a free money bet when it was Steelers -1 and as the week went on it got to Steelers -3. You had to think wait an under 500 team versus a team that just beat the division leader on the road last week….easy money. Not so fast as Lee Corso would say, it’s a trap. The Steelers have struggled on the road ATS this year and they poured it on the Bengals all in the 4th quarter last week. I can see this being a game where they exhale and let it stay close. Now that the Falcons are getting a full 3 points I’ll take it. Not to mention the Falcons are in first place at 5-8 looking to hold on to the division lead.

Cody Says: FALCONS (+3)

Additionally the Bengals will win but I won’t be a fool and bet my team. I can’t believe that JFF craze got that line bet all the way to 2.5 before the sharps jumped on it.

Week 14 picks ATS

Ravens @ Dolphins
I liked the Ravens in this game with the points until Thursday. When Ngata was suspended it didn’t move the spread but it moved my opinion. With a 3-4 defense no one position is more important against the run then the NT. With a huge hole in the middle that they have to scramble mid week to adjust to I like the Fins. They will be able to run to set up play action and when playing ahead that front four can pin their ears back and go after Flacco. This game would have a bigger spread but the Dolphins looks bad on primetime last week. The Jets just ran and ran and that hurt the Dolphins the Ravens won’t do that.

Cody Says DOLPHINS (-3)

Colts @ Browns
The Colts are missing Vonte Davis which will really hurt them in the passing game. Josh Gordon might have a monster day, but as yourself who’s going to get him the ball? Hoyer has looked so bad the last 7 games and reminds me so much of the Derek Anderson “miracle” season it’s not funny. The Colts are much more talented and need to win out for a shot at a top two seed. I’m playing this strictly on talent, the colts are too good and Luck is smart enough to avoid Haden and pick on the Rookie Gilbert.

Cody Says: COLTS (-3.5)

Seahawks @ Eagles
This game I think will be a tale of two halves. I think the west coast east coast travel situation will cause the Seahawks to start slow, but they are red hot and I don’t think that will stop Sunday. The times that Sanchez has looked bad are when he has been pressured. He will see pressure Sunday and I expect him to have a stinker of a game. The Seahawks will run the ball in the second half and pull away.

Cody Says: SEAHAWKS (+1)

Buccaneers @ Lions
The Lions got the offense rolling last week, but it took long enough. The Bucs defense is improving and they can stop the run. The Lions haven’t handled success well this season and traditionally after turkey day wins. The Lions will win this game, but as I have said in the past double digits favorites in the NFL are usually losers. This is a position play.

Cody Says: BUCCANEERS (+10)

Panthers @ Saints
This is a do or die game for the Panthers. They will finally be giving the majority of the carries to Stewart as the should have all season. The Saint got beat back to back weeks at home before last week, did we forget this? They also gave up 16 points in 2:54 last week at the end of the game, this defense does not tackle well. Cam Newton needs to use his legs and get first downs in this game. The Panthers have played the Saints very close of late so I expect this one to stay close. Again, double digits in the NFL are tough covers. If the team is not substantially better I’m not laying that many points, its a fools errand.

Cody Says: PANTHERS (+10)

It’s not on Primetime but it matters Bigtime

To say Sunday’s match up vs. Pittsburgh is important is an understatement; it’s the biggest game thus far this Season. Why is this game the biggest game of the the season?  Well, here’s why….it’s the first meeting between the Steelers and the Bengals, they need to get the first head to head win.  The Steelers are 1.5 games back of the Bengals for the AFC North division lead and losing puts them right back in the race.  The Steelers were red hot a few weeks back and everyone thought they were about to run away with the Division. While the Bengals got embarrassed on Thursday night vs the Browns.  Since then, the Bengals gutted out three straight road games and the Steelers lost twice when they were favorites. Now the Bengals are sitting in the drivers seat with complete control of their playoff future, what .

Winning is important, but taking wins from your Rivals is even more important:
It’s important to win games in the NFL, but equally as important is the teams in your division losing games.  The easiest way to make that happen is to do it yourself.  Here is what the division looks like as of right now.

If the Bengals can win they put the Steelers in a terrible position to make the playoffs.  At 7-6 the Steelers will probably have to win out to get the Wild Card spot.  They have to play at Atlanta, vs the Chiefs, and another game against the Bengals.  With how bad the Steelers have looked on the road and two good teams playing them after that I can’t see that happening.  Whats better than putting yourself in good playoff position?  Sticking it to the Steelers two times in three years!

The Wild Card Race is Jam Packed:
There are currently 6 teams all tied for the second wild card position.  There is no way the Bengals can afford to drop back closer to that group.  With road games at Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and a Primetime game vs Denver waiting for the Bengals, they are going to need all the space that they can get.  I don’t want a scenario where Andy and the gang have to go out and beat the Broncos on Monday night, under the lights, to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Andy’s going to have enough pressure on him for that game already, no need to add to that monkey.

The other two AFC North teams are likely to Lose:
The Dolphins are the real deal this year, Tannehill has taken a major step forward and their front four can really get after the QB. The Ravens just lost Ngata for the rest of the regular season due to a PED suspension, as Jason wrote about earlier this week. They just found out on Thursday, so they will have to adjust their gameplan in the middle of the week.  Lamar Miller has been good this season and when you lose your run stuffing NT in a 3-4 defense it hurts immensely.  Going to hot Miami with a shortened defensive line rotation will be a tough task, I think they lose this game.
The Browns are playing the Colts this week, do I really need to go into detail on why they might lose this week?  I am not saying it’s a guaranteed loss this is the NFL, but there is a good chance they lose.  So if the Bengals can win this Sunday all three other teams could get a loss in two straight weeks, giving them a 2.5 games

As the Bengals get healthy they need to capitalize on Pittsburgh’s misfortunes:
Just as the Ravens lost a key defensive lineman, so did the Steelers.  Brett Keisel was just put on IR with a torn muscle, so this defensive front will be lacking veteran leadership.  James Harrison actually strung together a few good games and he is likely out as well.  Troy Polamalu is dinged up and Ike Taylor has looked bad coming back from his arm injury.  The Steelers secondary is old, much like ours, but their secondary is really showing it of late.  The receivers need to attack this group and force them to make plays.  Hue must get Gio in space and both Gio and Hill need to get 15+ touches.  Wear down this aging and shorthanded defense and control the clock.
On the other side of the ball Marcus Gilbert has not been practicing either, if he can’t go that means Mike Adams will will be starting at tackle.  The former 2nd round pick has been a been a human turn-style most of the time during his pro career.  The Bengals need to move Dunlap and Gilberry around to confuse him and give them both better opportunities to pressure Big Ben.

Finish the season with momentum, so that they go into the playoffs with confidence:
If the Bengals can win this game they only will need to win one of their last three games to lock up the division crown. The Ravens would have to go 4-0 to pass the Bengals since the Bengals swept them and I don’t think they will do that. As I mentioned, they need to go into the playoffs with momentum, but they only have to go 1-2 in the final three games.  This takes the pressure off Andy, so we can see more GOOD Andy instead of BAD Andy.  They will then go into Cleveland with revenge and the Division title in their sites, it will motive them to play their best.  Then the games will all line up with no real pressure, but with good motivation each time.  Assuming they win the first two the will have the Broncos at home to play for the first round bye.  If they win that, the have motivation to beat Pittsburgh to keep the bye and go 5-1 in the division.  They can go into the playoffs on a seven game winning streak with a week to get healthier and ready themselves for a showdown in the Jungle to get their first playoff win in over two decades…..Do you BELIEVE????

This game may only count as one win in the standings, but it means much, much more then that.  They can secure a great spot in the division, knock out a division foe, and set the tone for the final quarter of the season.  If you want the bully to stop beating you up and taking your lunch money, you have to go punch him in the mouth and take it back! I fully expect the Bengals to run the ball right at the Steelers and do just that on Sunday.

Week 13 picks ATS

Sorry that these picks weren’t posted up before the games on Thursday. I thought they were going up on the other site but they didn’t make it in time. None the less here are the picks for Sunday’s games, so far I’m 3-0 this week.

Week 13 NFL picks

Bears @ Lions

This is the toughest road game of the year for any team. Most NFL players say they just start feeling normal from last weeks game on Thursday. Well imagine this scenario you have to get on a plane Wednesday night then play early in the morning. At least the Lions can stay loose all day Wednesday. This game is a big spread but here’s why you have to lay the points. The Bears have looked better the last few weeks, but that’s been against subpar teams. The Lions offense is like the top button on your pants on thanksgiving; about to burst out. Megatron is finally fully healthy and he is about to take a proverbial dump all over this Bears secondary. Who’s going to guard him….Kyle Fuller? I think not look for Megatron and Stafford to have a huge day in their way to a rout!

Cody Says: LIONS (-7)

Seahawks @ Niners
The Seahawks defense seems like they are finally hitting their stride last week. They virtually shut down the cardinals offense. The niners had to kick a FG at the end of the game to beat a poor opponent. I think there is a lot of turmoil in the niners locker room and the Seahawks are one big happy nest now.

Cody Says: SEAHAWKS (+1)

Cardinals @ Falcons
The cardinals offense looked stagnant against the Seahawks last week, but the Seahawks defense is just getting going. The Falcons are still in the playoff race at 4-7 this team is so bad and it starts with the coach. This is a matchup play for me. Mike smith is a terrible coach and Bruce Arians is a great coach. The Falcons will make errors to give this game away and with bad coaching. The Cardinals defense will bring the heat on Matty ice and he will have no where to run.

Cody Says: CARDINALS (-3)

Giants @ Jaguars
The Jags have to be the most frustrating team in the league for me. I’ve taken them as double digit dogs 4 times with nothing to show for it but empty pockets. So I’m going to do something crazy tell you why to take them as a 3 point dog. The Giants last hope for the season was to beat the Cowboys last week and go on a run. That didn’t happen and now they are basically eliminated from the playoffs. They are on a short week and just choked away a game. This spells disaster for a road favorite. The Jags got good pressure on Luck last week and we all know what happens to Eli under pressure, the Jag will become his receivers.

Cody Says: JAGUARS (+3)

Saints & Steelers
The Steelers just watched the rest of their division sweep the Saints, and 2 of them in the SuperDome the last two weeks. The Steelers are 1-14 ATS when favored the week before playing the Bengals….I think they have Tiger phobia! The Saints offense has been better of late and they will be able to put up points. I see this game as a late FG either way as the Steelers might be peeking ahead to next weeks big divisional game in the Queen City

Cody Says: SAINTS (+4.5)

Eagles @ Cowboys
The underdog is covering at a 71% clip in this series since 2010. That alone should be enough to have you wanting to lay the points but here’s some other reasons. The Eagles pass rush is good and the Cowboys won’t be able to pound the rock against them. Not to mention I thing Jerry will be whispering in Garretts ear all week that this is a nationally televised game so he will throw more and try to light up that mega scoreboard in Jerrys world. The Eagles won’t be able to stop Dez but the Cowboys won’t put pressure on Sanchez so he will play well too. Another late game FG winner for me here.

Cody says: EAGLES (+3.5)