Jimmy Ward Breakdown


Target pick 30-38 overall

If the Bengals trade back this is the guy to pair next to Reggie Nelson for the long haul. And below is why…..

Jimmy Ward (SS) (NIU)
5’11” 192lb 4.48dash 38vert
He is A sure and willing tackler I don’t think he will be there for the Bengals pick in R2 and he would be a bit of a reach at 24 so he could be a target if the trade down or out of the first into the early second. He is the best at run support in the safety class and does a pretty good job of weaving/fighting through the wash on plays. Reads the play well and breaks on the ball instinctively. Has good recovery and is a smart player that uses his shoulder pad instead of the crown of his helmet. Looks for the ball and keeps his pad level low to avoid penalties, which will be important with the new trends of flags and suspensions in the NFL. He has a small frame but doesn’t play like he controls the middle and protects his turf he will lay the wood on you for sure. Did play a lower level of competition but was also not surrounded by as much talent. One red flag is also he coming off a foot injury so that will have to be watched in the days leading up to the draft.
See source for video and pics 1st pass breakup picture breakdown 1:35 second 2:50 big tackle 7:15 and int with picture breakdown 7:50 http://draftbreakdown.com/video/jimmie-ward-vs-utah-state-2013/ )

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