The Andy Dalton Contract; Good for both parties!

Initial Thoughts: This is the exact situation that I wanted for the Bengals this year.  I know that some people wanted to make Andy “play it out,” but I was not one of them.  This way the media will not be talking about this all season.  Andy can just go out and play football without having to answer questions about his contract after every game.  It brings some form of stability at the position so they can get AJ Green to sign long term now too.

This was the perfect deal for the Bengals, and for Dalton. Dalton doesn’t have to play a year where he makes 1 million dollars with the risk a major injury costing him big-time.  He gets essentially 25 million in guaranteed money for 2 years.  He gets 17 million in bonuses now and his same 1 million dollar season base salary, and 7 million next year. Dalton would have to play pretty bad to get cut when only making 7 million bucks next year, don’t you think?  The structure of the deal is great too, more on that later, just an example.  If Dalton takes this team one round further each year, he will win the Super Bowl in 2017 and will make 110 million over the life of the deal.  That means he will average 15.5 million per year over the 7 years of the deal.  That’s definitely less then market value for a guy that went to the playoffs the last three years.

The structure of the deal was magnificent.  If you don’t trust what Katie and Marvin are doing now, you are living under a rock.  Marvin texted AJ Green as soon as Dalton deal was done and told him to call his agent he is next.  He gets it and is a defacto Coach/GM.  Now, let’s get back to the structure of this deal for Dalton.  For those who think Dalton is not the guy, there are outs after two years.  For those that want him to “prove himself” he doesn’t make real big money unless he goes deep in the postseason.  For those that worry about needing money for AJ and Vontaze, his contact is small in the early years to leave room for other signings.  This can’t be compared to the Flacco deal because he wasn’t under contract when he signed it.  Flacco got 6 years 120 Daltons is basically 7 Years 98 million plus 17 million in escalators.  They didn’t let Dalton play out his deal and get Flaccoed like the Ravens did; Flacco’s deal is way more difficult to get out of.

I really think Dalton is a smart guy, he knows he is not Peyton Manning, he will need weapons.  He didn’t want to break the bank; he wants to keep his toys on offense and the big players on defense.  This is a great deal for both sides and I could be happier.  This will give him confidence to not play timid this year and to win in big games.  Simply put perfect deal, sign AJ, sign Tez, and go get that Lombardi Trophy!

Bengals would be dumb to cut before year two, since he would be $7mil in year two. So two years $25mil is basically guaranteed. Once he reaches a level it doesn’t regress.
Full breakdown below
No escalator/2nd Rd(WC win or Bye)/AFC Champ/SB win
2014 –> $17 million plus original $959,000 base salary.
2015 –> $7mil/$8mil/$8.5mil/$10mil
2016 –> $10.5mil/$11.5mil/$12mil/13.5mil
2017 –> $13.1mil/$14.1mil/14.6mil/16.1mil
2018 –> $13.7mil/$14.7mil/$15.2mil/$16.7mil
2019 –> $16mil/$17mil/$17.5mil/$19mil
2020 –> $17.5mil/$18.5mil/$19mil/$20.5mil
Plus $1.2 million in total workout bonuses at 200K per year.

Basically cut out the franchise tag and avoided getting Flaccoed!
No escalators
One year $18 million
Two years,$25 million
Three years, $35.7 million
Four years, $49 million
Five years, $62.9 million
Six years, $79.1 million
Seven years, $96.8 million


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