Week 5 ATS

This year NFL Picks ATS (16-5) 76% winners
Last Week 7-1

Bears @ Panthers
The Bears are a good team; this is an overreaction play here. The Panthers are historically good at home, but they cannot move the ball on offense. The Bears might be beat up on Defense but they can score points and the Panthers defense is giving them up in bunches recently. If I get the better talent and points I am going to take them. The Bears showed they can run the ball last week, and I think the Panthers are calling high school teams to ask if they have any RBs available. When you are one dimensional in the NFL you lose games.

Cody Says: Take the points BEARS (+2.5)
Browns @ Titans
This game is simple for me. Without Locker the Titans are a bad team. The Browns are one of the worst teams in the league against the run but they also have played some good RBs. I think they will stop the run and for the Titans to pass the ball. With two bad teams I will take the one with the better defense and more consistent QB. The Browns will win this game and pretty easily.

Cody Says: lay the points BROWNS (+1)

Steelers @ Jaguars​
The Steelers are not the Steel curtain anymore, but they are not the Jags either. To not have to lay more then a touchdown to a team that hasn’t stayed within double digits of any other team is a blessing. Look for Pittsburgh to be a little pissed off about squandering away a game at home that they should have won. Bell is going to go bananas this week, I don like laying big numbers but less then a touchdown against an 0-4 ATS team…I’ll take that.

Cody Says: Lay the Points STEELERS (-6.5)

Seahawk @ Redskins
The Seahawks are not as good when they are out of the Hawks nest. The Redskins are not a terrible team they did have a bad game last week though. The wheels started rattling and completely came off. They have an extra 3 days to prepare and I don’t put much stock in Thursday night games, just ask the Steelers. I think the Redskins keep it close and I will take the big points.

Cody Says: Take the points REDSKINS (7.5)

Ravens @ Colts
Andrew Luck is the best player in the NFL right now, plain and simple. Neither of these teams excel at running the ball and both defenses have holes. In a shootout I am going to take the best QB, who just happens to be the best player in the NFL. Under Luck the Colts cover nearly 70% at home ATS.

Cody Says: Lay the points COLTS (-2.5)

Cardinals @ Broncos
With both teams coming off the buy this is the Thursday night game right? Oh, that would make too much sense NFL, never mind don’t get me started on that. Both teams come into this game fresh and rested now. This Arizona defense is the real deal, even with all the injuries. How the 3-0 Cardinals are laying more then a touchdown to anyone blows my mind. I am sorry, with two top teams I am going to take a big number every single time. Denver hasn’t been able to run the ball this year, and I don’t think that changes this week. One dimensional team, with no play action threat for Manning I can’t see that leading to a blowout.
Cody Says: Take the points CARDINALS (+8)

All picks officially post on Saturday


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