Week 14 picks ATS

Ravens @ Dolphins
I liked the Ravens in this game with the points until Thursday. When Ngata was suspended it didn’t move the spread but it moved my opinion. With a 3-4 defense no one position is more important against the run then the NT. With a huge hole in the middle that they have to scramble mid week to adjust to I like the Fins. They will be able to run to set up play action and when playing ahead that front four can pin their ears back and go after Flacco. This game would have a bigger spread but the Dolphins looks bad on primetime last week. The Jets just ran and ran and that hurt the Dolphins the Ravens won’t do that.

Cody Says DOLPHINS (-3)

Colts @ Browns
The Colts are missing Vonte Davis which will really hurt them in the passing game. Josh Gordon might have a monster day, but as yourself who’s going to get him the ball? Hoyer has looked so bad the last 7 games and reminds me so much of the Derek Anderson “miracle” season it’s not funny. The Colts are much more talented and need to win out for a shot at a top two seed. I’m playing this strictly on talent, the colts are too good and Luck is smart enough to avoid Haden and pick on the Rookie Gilbert.

Cody Says: COLTS (-3.5)

Seahawks @ Eagles
This game I think will be a tale of two halves. I think the west coast east coast travel situation will cause the Seahawks to start slow, but they are red hot and I don’t think that will stop Sunday. The times that Sanchez has looked bad are when he has been pressured. He will see pressure Sunday and I expect him to have a stinker of a game. The Seahawks will run the ball in the second half and pull away.

Cody Says: SEAHAWKS (+1)

Buccaneers @ Lions
The Lions got the offense rolling last week, but it took long enough. The Bucs defense is improving and they can stop the run. The Lions haven’t handled success well this season and traditionally after turkey day wins. The Lions will win this game, but as I have said in the past double digits favorites in the NFL are usually losers. This is a position play.

Cody Says: BUCCANEERS (+10)

Panthers @ Saints
This is a do or die game for the Panthers. They will finally be giving the majority of the carries to Stewart as the should have all season. The Saint got beat back to back weeks at home before last week, did we forget this? They also gave up 16 points in 2:54 last week at the end of the game, this defense does not tackle well. Cam Newton needs to use his legs and get first downs in this game. The Panthers have played the Saints very close of late so I expect this one to stay close. Again, double digits in the NFL are tough covers. If the team is not substantially better I’m not laying that many points, its a fools errand.

Cody Says: PANTHERS (+10)


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