Week 15 picks ATS

Week 15 picks ATS

Raiders @ Chiefs

I cannot believe this line is so massive. I know that things in SF are in shambles, but that team still has talent. Didn’t the raiders just beat them? The Raiders are starting to turn the corner. It pains me to say it but I’m sure another franchise will step up and match their futility, so we have someone to laugh at each week. I like double digit lines, especially with a team that has looked better vs a team that has struggled to put up points…cough….cough Alex Smith, hope you are enjoying that fat contract. Not to mention the raiders are 19-6 as dogs in the division in their last 25 games.

Cody Says: RAIDERS (+10)

Cowboys @ Eagles

If you were with us for the Turkey day games this stat netted you a winner, and it will do it again. The underdog in the Dallas vs Philly series has covered an impressive 74% now. Do I need to go on? You should be ready to throw down a bet already. If you can hit 74% of the time you would have a Mansion on the beach somewhere telling your butler to get you a drink. Not to mention the Cowboys are killing it on the road this year. They were on short rest and Romo’s back was ailing on thanksgiving. He has had 10 days rest this time. I’m convinced the Cowboys are going to let Murray walk at the end of the season that’s why they are ok running him into the ground. Run+play action=big night for Dez.

Cody Says: COWBOYS +3.5

Texans @ Colts

Luck played bad against the Browns their is no way else to put it. The Texans can be hurt threw the air if they can give Luck enough time. With Reggie Wayne going down its addition by subtraction, Donte Moncrief is a much more explosive player right now. Luck and the Colts in division games, you got that right 11 straight covers. Look for luck to come out and play like a monster and the Colts to clinch the division in big way.

Cody Says: COLTS (-6.5)

Steelers @ Falcons
This game would look like a free money bet when it was Steelers -1 and as the week went on it got to Steelers -3. You had to think wait an under 500 team versus a team that just beat the division leader on the road last week….easy money. Not so fast as Lee Corso would say, it’s a trap. The Steelers have struggled on the road ATS this year and they poured it on the Bengals all in the 4th quarter last week. I can see this being a game where they exhale and let it stay close. Now that the Falcons are getting a full 3 points I’ll take it. Not to mention the Falcons are in first place at 5-8 looking to hold on to the division lead.

Cody Says: FALCONS (+3)

Additionally the Bengals will win but I won’t be a fool and bet my team. I can’t believe that JFF craze got that line bet all the way to 2.5 before the sharps jumped on it.


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